Soil and groundwater monitoring are essential in assessing your environmental risk.
"I would highly recommend Sierra Piedmont to anyone that is looking for an extremely knowledgeable, responsive and ethical environmental partner."
– Director of Facilities & Maintenance for a Regional Trucking Company

Liquid spills or leaks sometimes occur even with our best preventive efforts. However, since the 1970s, science and engineering have made significant improvements in addressing these occurrences. Sierra Piedmont has performed soil and groundwater investigations in a variety of geologic and industrial settings.  The predominant spill releases have, for several decades, been petroleum retailers or others with underground storage tanks (USTs).  While these tanks are “physically” more safe underground, they are environmentally more hazardous due to the inability to easily inspect them.   In addition, automotive paint shops, dry cleaners, and others have used, containerized, and disposed of hazardous wastes often in a manner inconsistent with regulations.