Oil & Gas

At Sierra Piedmont, our roots are in the oil and gas industry. In fact, our founder ten years in the on-shore and off-shore oil exploration business before beginning Sierra Piedmont in 1996.   Therefore, we understand not only the needs, but the culture of this marketplace.

No matter which part of the business it is – upstream exploration, downstream retail, or storage and transportation, Sierra Piedmont can help you with a variety of compliance, assessment, and remediation services. Any regulation you may be subject to or any chemical you store, Sierra Piedmont will assist you.

Oil exploration comes with its share of unique challenges and opportunities.  Sierra Piedmont is happy to assist in getting them resolved for you.

We’ve worked with everyone from super jobbers with hundreds of dealer relationships to a single, family-owned station and you can be assured that we understands your unique challenges and can assist you in achieving cost-effective compliance.

In addition, Sierra Piedmont can remove and provide closure for USTs, hydraulic lift systems, and dispenser islands. We can also provide interim site inspections so you don’t get caught with any regulatory surprises. If a release from a UST system occurs, Sierra provides services from Notice of Release through site assessment, remediation, and closure.

Storage & Transportation
The fuels distribution network can be a challenging environmental arena. Fuel, stored at bulk fueling terminals and distributed by truck and pipeline is subjected to many opportunities for leakage and spills and safety is of paramount concern. Sierra Piedmont has the familiarity with these industrial settings to operate safely and timely.