"Not only was the environmental evaluation performed in a timely manner, it was worded in a very user-friendly format that was easily understood by our underwriting team and had all the required verbiage to have the deal approved with no further explanations."
– Account Manager for a national bank

Although exposure has been reduced for lenders over the past few years, it is still imperative that due diligence be done on most if not all properties that you may lend on. The Phase I and Phase II site investigations are the current standard. The All Appropriate Inquiry statute has gone a long way to raise the bar for those performing Phase I activities and Sierra Piedmont has been able to satisfy the AAI standard from the beginning.

Our experience has included large national banks, as well as local community banks. We bring several benefits to the banking community and customers, such as performing the work well and providing a clear understanding of the work performed. By taking these steps, the results are integrated properly into the lending process and within your schedule.